About Us

Fresh Face Pillow is the anti-wrinkle pillow that prevents and reduces the effects of ageing whilst you sleep. 

It’s the first of its kind with clinical trials to guarantee you’ll see results. 


After opening two successful beauty salons, I became obsessed with the idea of keeping my clients feeling fresh, invigorated and young, even before the day had begun.

So, Deo Beauty Products and I spent four years developing a pillow that both reduces and prevents sleep lines and wrinkles, whilst improving posture and alleviating tension through aligning your neck and back.


With a unique cooling gel built right into the cushioning, our pillow regulates your head’s temperature and keeps you comfortable as you sleep.

We’ll make sure you sleep well, feel better and wake up fresh-faced.


- Tracey

Co-Founder of Fresh Face Pillow Co

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