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Fresh Face Pillow

Fresh Face Pillow

Reduce wrinkles and dry skin with a soft, uniquely ergonomic pillow.

✓ Clinically Proven

✓ Improves Sleep

✓ Reduces Headaches

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How does it work?

  • What does Fresh Face Pillow actually do?

    ✔️ Hydrates your skin

    ✔️ Prevents and reduces wrinkles

    ✔️ Reduces back and neck pains

    ✔️ Improves your posture

    ✔️ Reduces hair knots

    ✔️ Memory foam moulds to your head and neck

    ✔️ Feels luxurious and soft to sleep on

  • Overview

    If you're seeking relief from neck pain and a rejuvenated complexion, the Fresh Face Pillow is an excellent investment. Made with high-quality memory foam and a luxurious silk pillowcase, this pillow offers the perfect balance of comfort and support.


    Its unique design contours to your head and neck, providing targeted support to alleviate pressure points and prevent discomfort whilst supporting the neck and back. The silk pillowcase is gentle on your skin and hair, helping to prevent wrinkles and minimize hair breakage.


    Using the Fresh Face Pillow every night will improve your sleep quality and leave you feeling rested and refreshed. And, because the pillowcase is crafted from premium-quality silk, it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night, regardless of the season.

Silk pillowcase and cooling pads on memory foam pillow for hot flushes

Enjoy a cooler sleep

Our pillows use active cooling pads that are built into the neck supports and head rest, which regulate your head's temperature all night.

Silky smooth

The silk pillowcase keeps hair and skin hydrated by not absorbing healthy oils, unlike cotton or satin.

Silk pillowcase memory foam pillow for hot flushes at night

Posture correction

Side sleeping can put pressure or your neck and face. Our unique pillow shape guides your sleep position and encourages you to sleep on your back, which improves posture and reduces wrinkles and creases on the face and neck.

  • Middle aged lady with posture correction silk memory foam pillow

    "Obssesed. obsessed. Don’t overthink it... just try it. I honestly can’t sleep without this anymore..."


  • Middle aged lady with silk posture correction anti-wrinkle pillow

    "The cooling gel was the most helpful feature for me... My hot flushes in the night are no longer an issue. The anti-wrinkle is a bonus"


  • Middle aged lady with silk posture correction anti-wrinkle pillow

    "I didn't know something like this could exist. How can one pillow keep me cool, fix my neck ache AND be so comfortable?! Highly recommend."


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  • An ESSENTIAL Addition to Your Sleep Routine

    ✔️ Silk pillow case

    ✔️ Memory foam pillow

    ✔️ Neck support

    ✔️ In-built cooling gel


    Fresh Face Pillow is a beauty pillow that helps to make sleeping on your back more comfortable and part of your routine.


    Sleeping on your side creases your face and creates sleep lines that get deeper and more permanent after each night.


    WIth Fresh Face Pillow, you'll feel all the benefits of the perfect pillow whilst looking after your face, hair and skin.

  • What's in the box?

    ✔️ Anti-wrinkle pillow

    ✔️ Silk pillow case

    ✔️ Protective inner casing

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Does it really work?

In short… YES!

Our pillow has ungone an 8-week clinical trial that proved that using Fresh Face Pillow reduces lines and wrinkles by more than 13%.

Reduce the effects of ageing while you sleep 👸

How do I use it?

Simply swap your regular pillow for the Fresh Face Pillow and start seeing results right away.

Lots of people sleep on their side, which creases your face and décolletage, puts pressure on your neck and misaligns your spine. ❌

Fresh Face Pillow trains you to sleep comfortably on your back and wake up looking younger 🧘‍♀️

60-Sleep Guarantee

We’re committed to delivering the results we promise: reduced wrinkles within 8 weeks.

That’s why we’re offering a full refund if you’re not seeing the results after 60 sleeps.

In order to qualify for a refund, simply use Fresh Face Pillow for a full 60 sleeps and if you’re not happy by the end, we’ll give you your money back.

To qualify for a refund, you just need to send us a photo before and after you started using your Fresh Face Pillow.

Our team will then be in touch to find out what we can do to help.

About the founders...

"After opening two successful beauty salons, I became obsessed with helping my clients feel fresh, invigorated and young. I spent four years with Deo Beauty Products developing Fresh Face Pillow, and I'm so proud to see how it's changing people's lives."

- Tracey, Co-Founder

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