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The UK's Only Clinically Proven Anti-Wrinkle Pillow That Prevents & Reduces Wrinkles While You Sleep 🌟

Fresh Face Pillow

Fresh Face Pillow

💛 Silk pillowcase

🌿 Prevents and reduces wrinkles

🌟 Clinically proven

📦 Free Delivery ✅ 60-Day Returns

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How does it work?


The clinically proven anti-wrinkle pillow that trains you to sleep on your back 😴 

Wake up with fewer sleep lines and wrinkles. It’s so effective, you’ll see results in the first week 🎉 

…but some people see results in as little as one night 🤫

Includes a silk pillowcase for skin and hair protection, and free delivery 😌


✅ Reduces lines and wrinkles
✅ Sweet dreams with our soft, memory foam pillow
✅ Cooling gel layer for hot nights or hot flushes
✅ Gentle support for your face, neck and jaw
✅ Aligns the neck and back to improve posture

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Does it really work?

In short… YES!

Our pillow has ungone an 8-week clinical trial that proved that using Fresh Face Pillow reduces lines and wrinkles by more than 13%.

Reduce the effects of ageing while you sleep 👸

How do I use it?

Simply swap your regular pillow for the Fresh Face Pillow and start seeing results right away.

Lots of people sleep on their side, which creases your face and décolletage, puts pressure on your neck and misaligns your spine. ❌

Fresh Face Pillow trains you to sleep comfortably on your back and wake up looking younger 🧘‍♀️

60 Sleep Guarantee

We’re committed to delivering the results we promise: reduced wrinkles within 8 weeks.

That’s why we’re offering a full refund if you’re not seeing the results after 60 sleeps.

In order to qualify for a refund, simply use Fresh Face Pillow for a full 60 sleeps and if you’re not happy by the end, we’ll give you your money back.

To qualify for a refund, you just need to send us a photo before and after you started using your Fresh Face Pillow.

Our team will then be in touch to find out what we can do to help.

Fresh Face Pillow Co

"After opening two successful beauty salons, I became obsessed with helping my clients feel fresh, invigorated and young - even before the day begins.

Deo Beauty Products and I spent four years developing Fresh Face Pillow, and I'm so proud to see how it's changing people's lives."

- Tracey

Co-Founder of Fresh Face Pillow Co

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